Brittany Lang - Feet Out of the Bunker

Sand plus akward stance can equal disaster. See how Brittany Lang gets creative in and out of the bunker.


What about when you have to be out of the bunker? I've got you set up pretty nasty right here. This happens.

It does.

That's nasty.

So the first thing about this is getting a comfortable base. And like from here, that's not going to happen.

You got to go wider, don't you?

I don't even think I could hit that shot.


I mean, I-- do you want me attempt it?

You want to try it?

Yeah, I'll try.

What about if we just get you in the bunker, [? Bailey, ?] so you're not as much downslope. Or do you want to have a go at it?

Yeah, we can have a go at it.


I mean, I always say, you know, get a nice base. This does not feel like a nice base. But the important thing is to kind of stay right where you're at, right in your in your posture.

In your posture, yeah. And that [? 2 ?] wasn't too bad.

I stayed in my posture, not my best effort.

Last one, downhill lie, one foot out.


I'm giving you the-- but you're the US Open champion.

I am.

You are, indeed

So for--

I want you one foot out though. I got to get you--


--with your one foot out maybe.


You put it where--


There you go.

So for these, again, the base is important. You know, can you get like a nice firm left leg? Because that's the most important thing. And you got a little lip here, so I might have to--

Up more?

--take it up a little bit more.


So get a nice firm left leg. Stay in it. Get up. See your shot.

Beauty. That was the one there.

That was the one.

That came out just right.

It did.