Brittany Lang - Upslope

Ever find yourself on the upslope in the bunker? Get out of this prediciment the Brittany Lang way.


Let's go a little upslope, might be a little different, right? Let's go upslope right here. There's a few adjustments that have to be--


--made for upslope, right?

Yeah, well, we have an upslope here and we have a little bit of a lip. If the lip was not here, I would open it just a little bit. But with the lip, you know, you still have to keep it open quite a bit.

Quite a bit, yeah.

But, what--

You've got to make sure you--

First you got to get it up, but if it's a big upslope, you really don't have to open it much; it's going to do it for you.

Yeah, the slope helps it.

Exactly. So here, I've got to open it all the way, same type deal. I'm going to make sure I get over this lip first, and I'm going to open it all the way. And almost make a pretty full swing from here.

That also is a good one.