Brittany Lang - Low Chip

Keeping a chip low requires deft touch. See how Brittany Lang handles this delicate shot.


Well, everybody says, they're like, oh my gosh you have so much open, and well it just feels comfortable. That is my absolute go-to, get the ball up, the face open, and then I do a lot of practice shots where I'm shorter and accelerating through. So, I'm not here, and here, I'm more getting a groove of a nice--

Do you feel like there's a spot on the other side that you have to make it work, or you just go under it?

Not really, but when I hit my low shots, I do sometimes like to actually feel like a golf shot, like getting--

Let your legs go a little bit?

Yeah, on my low shot, I love. That helps me hit them pure, just really getting-- almost, like you're walking through a little.

Let's do that low shot again, even do the little walk through.

Walk through.

That's kind of a, feel for you, right?

Yeah, well it helps me because if you're back here and you can't get off, you're going to hit it very un-solidly.


So, if I get on to my left here, and you're really trying to get in that spot, you're going to hit it solid.

You feel like you could almost walk forward, right?

I actually did catch myself, I was pulling myself, and it was very solid.

That's just like, you're right up on top of it.

Exactly. And you just kind of try to get that right heel up, and it gets me there.

Just feels it.