Brittany Lang - Basics Out of the Deep Rough

Being buried in the rough is tough. See how Brittany Lang uses her strength to escape.


It wouldn't be right if the US open champ couldn't hit out of the really deep rough because this is what the US Open is famous for.

It is. This thick rough-- especially close to the green.

Show us what-- all of us get in time or two we're going to be in this kind of stuff. And we saw how you do it off the tie line. What do you do different or the same right here?

So, I really don't do anything different with technique. Something that has helped me immensely out of the rough is I pretend it's like a bunker, like a bunker shot, because I wasn't great--

You play it a little heavier?

Yeah. Well, I just I got my open stance, my clubs open, the balls there, and then I envision like I'm in a bunker like a cut across move, and nice acceleration. And that has helped me a lot out of the rough.

Good. I like it.

Just kind of the same type-- same type set up, and just treat it like a bunker.


Yeah that come up under there nice, didn't it?

Keep that face nice and open.

Ooh. That's a give me. Let me give you a real nasty one. Down-grain, cross-grain.

You're so mean.


That's not that bad. [LAUGHTER]

Cross-grain, down-grain. So, people should know really that all rough lies aren't equal. There's--


--into, across-grain--


For me, it was always across.

Across. Those are hard.

And the grass are laying over or where the players walked-- were walked off. And all that grass is laying down--

And you're hitting where it's like--

Can you get a-- can you see that mic right hand when it's across?

That's not too bad.

If it was this way it would be bad.


That way no problem.

I always think into is hard like, you know, like that, because you have to hit it so much harder than you need, than you normally would.