Brittany Lang - Equipment: Hybrid, Woods & Driver

U.S. Open Champion Brittany Lang shows us the clubs that propel her length.


As we move out of the 5 iron, we move to, these are shafts that you're going to have to read them for the first time, I know, because you're--

It's the pretty orange one.

The pretty orange one.

The Tour, these are all Tour AD, but this is a--

Is that graphite design? I think it is.

Yeah, graphite design.

85 grams. This is the 0317 model, is it 25 degree hybrid?

Yes, and these, I've hit a lot of hybrids. These are absolutely phenomenal.

Same thing, low spin?

Yeah, I would say. I would say all the words and hybrids are, but just so pure, cut through the grass nicely.

The pretty yellow shaft as well?

Pretty yellow one, we have two of these.

OK. This is your 5 wood.

Also a graphite design, Tour AD, this is an 18 degree 5 wood.

Now you have what they call the puring, where they pure your clubs. Where they take them, and they measure them, and make them all the Same. Is that right?


Is that like Hot Sticks, or something like that? Is that the name of those companies? Something like that isn't it?

I thought you meant what the PHG do.

Oh they do it?

I don't know what you're talking about.


I go, I don't what you're talking about.

[? Sharina ?] has her clubs pured. You hit yours pure, she gets her's pured.

After meeting me, wouldn't you have guessed that I didn't do that?

I guarantee you, you got your truck wheels pured, but not your clubs.


Yeah, exactly. OK, so, that's a 5 wood?

Yes, 18 degree 5 wood.

OK. Now the pretty yellow?

These are the same shaft.

Same shaft.

This is a--

MT 6, so--


Could be 60 grams?

Exact same shaft in the 3 wood and the 5 wood, exact same club.

Same model, it's the 0341X?

X, yes. PXG 15 degree. Phenomenal.

And what are you looking for in this one? This is like the most important club, are you looking for what everyone else is looking for, high launch, low spin?

You know, I'm not too concerned with that. I just I want to be able to go out on the range and see my ball flight. Can I swing aggressive, what happens if I don't swing aggressive? With this, you've seen, if I don't swing aggressive, I have just a little push. If I'm swinging it good--

So, you're looking not so much like a lot of people are, like big distance. You want more consistency?

I think with all the drivers you're going to get great distance, but I think with the driver, to me number one, how are the misses? That's important. Being lower spin, the misses are pretty good, and especially in the wind. I get this out there pretty good and--

You don't need any more distance offered to you, right?

-- it suits my ball flight. No.

No, you're good on that.