Brittany Lang - Equipment: Wedges

U.S. Open Champion Brittany Lang walks through her wedges.


Brittany, this is going to be pretty easy because you are a PXG, the whole bag except the putter.

Yes, sir.

You're not an equipment nerd.

I'm not.

But you're a truck nerd. You've got a real nice truck.

I love my truck I definitely know a lot about that.

Let's talk about the make and model of your PXGs, this is a 60.

Yeah, these are new wedges. I love these. They're the PXG Sierra milled wedges.

And you told me that these put a lot of spin on it. What bounce is that? Nine, it says 9 on the thing. This is a 56, it says 10.

They're phenomenal, they check up.

Are you interested in the bounce, or just if it's too sharp?

The only bounce I'm interested in is if I have a bare lie, this is the first thing I do, I open the lob all the way on a bare lie, and I just don't want that edge. That's all I ask. When I open this, it's that nice, that's the only thing I care about. So you're set like so natural of a player, you could almost do anything, really.

Pretty much, yeah. When I worked with John at PXG, if he likes the numbers and I'm hitting him good, I'm out of there, they're good.

Nippon Shaft, you've been using since you're a young girl?


It's just a light weight steel?

It's a lightweight steel Nippon NS Pro 950 grams. My friend Paul who works for the LPGA, he introduced this to me when I was about 15 and I've used it ever since. It's in my irons as well.

OK, so, are you a person-- I know you don't like to talk about equipment too much, but that's your 56.


Then you go to 52, but on the Nippon, is the reason you like them, is it good feel, or are they active?

I love-- I like steel, but sometimes they can be real heavy, especially for women. I know Stacy has some graphites, but they have that light feel but still a nice performance.

You like firm.

Yeah, exactly. But they don't have that heavy feel.

52 with 10 degrees. Then it goes to 46, which is essentially your pitching wedge.

Yes. I actually just switched to this. I had the factory wedge.

This is the set, but this is the custom.

Yeah, this is the custom. This has changed my game a lot, going to a custom, because I hit a lot of different shots. You know, the 9 to 3s, and this has helped my performance immensely.

More spin?

Oh yeah, and just the trajectory.


When I would try to hit the shots with the factory wedge, I couldn't quite get around it and hit them as pure like I would with the sand lie or gap. So this has been very helpful.

That's good because I haven't had anyone actually tell me that. I thought it was more shape, but this is big performance, better for you.

Oh my gosh, it definitely checks more, but I can also hit them pure and I'm not as nervous to go at a tucked pin with a different kind of a wedge shot. It's been a big help.