Brittany Lang - Mechanics vs Feel (Part 1)

How do mechanics and feel coexist? Let Brittany Lang tell you how (part 1)


I've seen people that have taken their drop out of their thing and never hear from them again. They think that it's the wrong thing to do. And you even went down that track for a second, didn't you?

I didn't go down that track. And you definitely have to honor whatever kind of player you were and I was--

You lost your [? golf ?] club head [? awareness. ?]

I lost it. That's exactly right.

And when was that? You didn't last too long down that track.

No. I mean, I still got around OK, but I wasn't the best Brittany I could be, you know? Because, you know, I'm simple and athletic and I was kind of slow and technical. And you know, if that's what kind of play you are, great. But that's not who I was.

So let's talk about that for a second. So Lydia Ko would be the opposite of you, right? She's very mechanical.


Does lots of drills.

Great swing. Great putting stroke. Very--

Really good mind, because she's winning a lot of tournaments. So she's got to have a good mind. But very technical.

Very technical.

Like does big drills before she plays and stuff. I've seen her do--

I mean, she does it on the course while she's in tournaments.

So is the advice to find out who you are?

Yes. Yes. And you know, I say that like, it's how you start playing. Like I was given clubs and golf balls and nobody was there. And I was just playing, having fun. And that's who I am right now.


And I tried to be a Lydia Ko, where I wasn't raised like that right. And that works for Lydia, because she was probably raised to have a perfect golf swing and be perfect. And that's why she's so great. But that--

Well, yeah. I agree with you. I think-- I'm trying to sort of help people by thinking, OK, so I don't like to look at the camera. I don't like to look at the TrackMan, because I didn't grow up with the TrackMan. So it doesn't do me any good to look at the TrackMan now.


All of my son's group, they all look at the TrackMan. And they look at the angle of descent. And in the out and all that. Well, we did it a different way. Right? Like, I don't have to have someone tell me I'm closed or open. I can go into the woods over there and put a tree right here and put the face at the target and swing to miss the tree.


I'm going to hit a draw. That's how I learned to hit a draw.

That's a perfect way to hit it.

And I do the same on the other side in the trees for the fade. I aim face--

It's perfect--

--and miss the tree.

--because you're going to do it. But that's more of a--


Natural philosophy.