Brittany Lang - Mechanics vs Feel (Part 2)

How do mechanics and feel coexist? Let Brittany Lang tell you how (part 2)


You know, I wanted to have a real nice shoulder turn when I was young, and I wanted to lead with my legs, that's good. I guess what I'm trying to, sort of-- you're so much on that side, and then there's others that are so much, right now in the game, it is so much the other side.


Where do people find themselves to slot, and how do they do it?

Well it's really just finding out who you are as a golfer.


As it may sound silly, but I know who I am as a golfer. I think that's why I now have a US Open win, two wins. Would I like to have Lydia Ko's record? Yes, but if I tried to play like Lydia Ko, I don't know that I would have a tour card. So , it's like who are you? Do you want to look at video, does that help you? That's great, you need to learn that, but maybe you've just got to listen to yourself.

So, there's only three ways to really learn anything they say. One is to watch it, like on a video, one is to hear it, or read it, and one is to copy. So I used to watch people and copy. I could watch you and probably go and put the twirl in, just from that. What are you?

What are my options? To copy, copy some good players, look at them and emulate that. Read it, like in a book, like read the Ben Hogan book. Or, watch it on the video. Or D, none of the above.

I mean, as far as my game I feel like none of the above.

So how do you like to learn? Like when you learn something, like even when you're in the gym, do you want to be told what to do, do you want to see it on a video, or do you want someone to show you?

I would say I'm definitely more visual.

So, copy someone?

Yeah, that's a good example, but yes, I'd say I'm more visual.

Like for example, can you look at Lexi Thompson and say, oh yeah I see the way her legs move and I could probably do that a bit more. Or something like that, should people look towards people like them, is I guess my point?

I mean yeah, to a certain extent, but I still think you know. Everybody has their own golf swing, and it OK to swing your own way.

I'm learning because I have all these players in secret golf, and I think the most awesome thing we have going for us is they can come to your channel and hear how a great player, a US Open Champion, does it. Then they can go over here, maybe they got a different shaped body, and they can go to Colt Knost's channel and look to see how he does it. Then they go to Jason Gore, who is a real big guy. Or they go to Stacy Lewis. I want to have a big shoulder turn, I think we're building the right platform for people to fit in.


Because we have some technical people.

Yeah, you can go to a technical person, like you say, different kinds of players, not technical, different shapes, and-- Absolutely.

No doubt you're, so far you're the most natural, the most visual, I want to see that shot--

And so for me, with that said, I do a lot of seeing the shot, committing to the shot, because whereas Lydia is thinking, OK, I need to do this with my swing, I'm not. I'm thinking, OK, I want to see that ball cutting at the hole, or I want to see that ball rolling into the cup. That's more.

But you're also saying that you've got to be a really good aimer.


That's sort of your manual.

For me, yes.

That's your manual labor.

100% That's my technical, my alignment.

Yeah, and in the putting, it's your--

My line.

Staying down, and your line, and all of that.