Brittany Lang - Speed & Power

Everyone wants more speed and power in their game. See how Brittany Lang taps into both.


So as you said, you love to work out, you're strong, you like to lift weights, you like to ride the elliptical, you like to eat well, you're just a-- like a-- you're a good fit golfer person.

I try to be, yes. I enjoy it though. I really--

Yeah, you enjoy working out. You know, you live for it, right. So--

I do.

Do you-- I know this may be a question I asked you already, where do you get all your power from? You're strong, but where do you get it from? Is it speed? Is it your hips? Where do you feel--

If I had to answer that question, and I don't know if this is right, I would say hand-eye, being an athlete, being speed, being able to drop it in there, because I always say, you can't really teach length.


And it comes from quickness, athletic, everything firing, because you're an athlete and you know how to know how to do it.

Yeah. So like speed in the NFL, you don't-- you can't teach that, right? Correct.