Brittany Lang - Stick the Finish

Britany Lang explains how to stick the finish.

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Brittany Lang


You have a really nice balance. Do you work on the balance, or does it just pull you through?

Yeah, I always try to hold my finish. I just think, my brother and I say stick the finish.


Because you're going to make better swings sticking the finish.

You think about it the whole way?

Yes. Always.

Show me what your ideal feel finish.

For a 6 iron?


You get right to there, right? All the things are happening, your left of the target.

As a cup player, you want everything this way.

Right over there. Yeah

More so than anywhere else.

You make yourself go that way?

Yeah, Luke and I do a lot where practice swing, stay, stay, and then pull yourself this way just to see that ball going that way.



So, you're simple, but you're very repetitive, right? You're very repetitive.

Very repetitive, that's why you need fresh things sometimes.

Yeah. So, I think it's interesting to talk to good players. The amateurs are always trying to improve their swing and so on, but they don't realize that it's that ability to be able to just do it again, do it again.

That's goal.

Do it again, do it again.

What can you repeat? That's why, you don't have to have a perfect golf swing, you have to be able to repeat something.


Whether it's a 50 yard draw that you can repeat every time, that's great.


But it has to be that one thing that you can do over, and over, and over again.