Brittany Lang - Q-School

Golf's most challenging school... See how Brittany Lang fought through Q-school to capture her LPGA Tour card.


So when you almost won the US Open when you were 19, did you qualify for that? Or you had to qualify, you to go through qualifying. Where was that in relation to Duke? Were you still in school or you had just left or--

Oh, I think it was the summer. I think I had just finished my sophomore year.

And then, you went and qualified.


Played, almost won the US Open.


But then, you still had to go through tour school, right?

Yes, I actually went to Symetra Tour School and LPGA Tour School just to play and just get some options.

And you made it, obviously, and you got out on tour. And what was it like for you when you first went out there? You said that you might have stumbled a fraction, or not stumbled, or you weren't ready mentally to do that whole show out there yet?

Well, first of all, LPGA Tour School was terrifying.

No doubt.

Oh my gosh.

It was the worst six days of my life too.

I say that all the time. It's tough, even when you're a good player.

Yeah, because you can just have a bad hole and--

Yeah. It's a brutal week. I don't wish that upon anybody.

But you know, the only thing that I had solace about the tour school was that I knew everyone that got to the tour had to go through the school, pretty much. That helped me a little bit, just knowing that everyone else had to do it too.

Yeah. That's a good way to think of it.