Brittany Lang - 3 & 5 Wood Swings

Approach shots from distance can be harrowing. See how Brittany Lang swings her fairway woods.

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We hit the 5 wood?

We didn't hit it.

Let's hit it.


Then we'll hit the 3 wood.



So 3 wood, you said you really like the 3 wood. What do you use this 3 wood for? Is that a-- off the tee or is this on the par fives and two or both?

Both. We have a lot of courses where we can't hit driver on every hole, so we do hit a lot of 3 woods off the tee.

Yup. Or 5 wood?

Or 5 wood. And do-- and par fives, especially.

Yup. So 3 wood goes 230?

Yeah. About 230.



These woods are good, aren't they?

They're really good, yeah.

They've got nice acoustics, too.

They do.