Brittany Lang - Driver Swing

Brittany Lang shows us her swing with the driver


There's a lot of good drivers out there on the market now, they're everywhere, right?


This one has come a long way, quickly, PXG. A lot of my players are using it, what do you like about this driver? Solid?

I love this driver. It's definitely better than anything I've ever played. One thing that's noticeable is, it's great in the wind. It does not get affected in high winds. I had another driver I was using, when it's blowing 30, I really couldn't keep it on the golf course. So, low spin, but just a boring trajectory, straight.

The reason I know that's a good driver is because I know that Tour players, no matter how much money they're getting paid by the company, if there's a driver that's out there better for them, it's going to be in their bag.


Because you can win more money in one week with a good driver than you can with your whole year contract.

Couldn't have said it better myself. That's 100% correct.

It must be a good driver.

Driver is so important.

So important.

It's so important, people are-- you've got to make putts. Of course, you've got to do that, but driver, if you're bombing it long and straight on every hole, you have opportunities.

You've taken--


You've just chewed up the big piece of the course.

Yeah, driver is so important.

Nobody plays with a lousy driver anymore, nobody.

You shouldn't.

In the old days you would, with the woods and so on. Yeah? You're in the top third of drivers, long drivers, right at the top. What do you fly, 260, 55, 60?

No, I probably fly it 245.


Yeah probably.

That's still up there on ladies tour, right?

Yeah, It's getting lower, girls are getting longer, but it's probably like you said, top third.

Yeah, top third.


That's what I saw.


That's what I saw on my recon mission.

I'd say I'm--

What ball do you play, a Titleist?

Yeah, Titleist.

Pro V1?

Yeah, X.


Yeah. The new X.


I'd say I'm just a little bit longer than average, maybe out there.

Yeah. Yeah.


So you've got to be like me, you've got to be like a sniper.

I need to be a sniper. Oh, that ball right there will go down a bowling alley.