Brittany Lang - Hitting Driver with Water Left

Brittany Lang explains her Driver technique with water on the left.


So we have brought you out to the 18th hole at Stonebridge. And you even requested this, I think, or maybe I did.

Little bit of both.

I wanted to put you in the pressure situation. Because this a hard tee shot.

It is.

It's got water all the way down the left. You can see the green around the lake.

It is.

Pete Dye just happens to be your favorite designer. Why is that?

I love Pete Dye, hands down. Every course I've ever played of his, I don't know, I just think he sets the courses up just-- it doesn't look like there's a lot of room there with trouble, but there's a ton of room in the fairway there. You could land an airplane in some of the places where you're like, oh, there's trouble there, there's trouble there. Let's-- you know, but there's always plenty of room.

But with Pete Dye, I love you have to hit quality shots. If you bail--

And it gives you a real-- and you know this because you told me earlier, but the closer you play to the trouble, the way easier the course becomes.

Correct. Like, say you do happen to hit it in the water, you have a fairly easy iron shot, have a putt for par. You know, if you do bail, the rough to this--

If you bail, it gets impossible.

It's tough on Pete Dye's.

Yeah. So what's your first thought when you come out to a hole like this with water on the left? Everyone is trying to stay out of the water, right? But for us, we don't really do that, do we?

No, so for me, I mean, the number one part is you have to pretend you're hitting the same shot you hit with no water or on the driving range. Because you hit it over and over and over. You know how to hit a ball in the fairway, it's no different. You just have to be tough.

And that's not there. So I'll pick a nice, conservative target. I'm not going to pick right down the middle of the fairway. I'm going to go just a hair to the right.


So I'm going to pick that little sliver of bunker I can see, which is just a little bit-- that's a pretty conservative target.

So if you had to get aggressive, would you-- because you're a fader, right? So that means you have to aim close to the water if you were going to fade. Would you do that, too, ever?

No, I--

Doesn't fit the feel?

I don't think you should ever start it over trouble.

I'm not over it, I'm saying down there, tight.

No, I don't think. Because as me as a player, I would be like, oh, my god, I'm over there. And then I'd probably hit a huge--


Yeah, push.


So I would pick a nice, conservative target. And then I would just try to be really committed to seeing my shot, hitting my finish, like I do on every other hole.

All right, let's see it.

And you just have to be tough to go through with it.

You're tough.

I am.

You're a US Open champ. That's tough.

Let's see.

Yeah, you've hit it right where you wanted to. I mean, you said you were going to hit it at the little bunker and it's even better than that, right? It even took a nice, left-handed kick.

Well, Pete Dye gives you a little bit of slope there. So if you are right, it kicks you back.

That right there would be as good a drive as you'd ever want to hit on this hole. Is that true?

100% percent. I'd never ask for anything else.

So if we summarize, you went a little conservative. And then you just blocked it all out, and then just did your deal?

I tried to hit-- and, you know, it is hard, but you have to pretend like you're hitting on a hole that has rough on both sides, you know? And because you know how to hit the shot.

Just go through with it.

Just go through with the exact same shot, yeah.

Do it.

Be committed, be confident.

I like it. That was a hell of a drive right there.