Brittany Lang - Hybrid From the Fairway

Brittany Lang shows us how to correctly use the hybrid from the fairway


So, Brittany we got 200 yards roughly here. Hybrid is a new club, right?


It's a new club for us. Round, lots of people hit them. What is the deal? Are we hitting-- are we sweeping this, or are we going down into it? What's the deal?

You know, and I'll talk about the fairway woods, as well. You know, you need to-- you still want to take a nice divot. Just like an iron, you want to stay in, swing just like iron. Take a pure divot.

So, go in and go down after a little bit?

Yeah, same thing with your fairway was. I see that a lot with amateurs. They try to pick them, and they don't quite know. And it's like, it's OK to take a divot with the three-wood. You want to.

Well, Ben Hogan was famous for-- he would rip turf with a four-wood, he would rip turf this long.

Yeah, and he was pretty good.

Yeah. But let's expand on that. Show us like a practice swing or something over the ball when like [INAUDIBLE]. Show us the angle of attack as opposed to, say, a driver, for example. A driver you're more up on it because it's on a tee.

Yeah, sure. Sure, sure. But as this hybrid sits in my hand, I'm going to treat it just like an iron. It's not going to take as much of a divot, but.


You're in there that--

I mean, that's a little bit of a divot. I wouldn't mind a touch more.


But, you see a lot of people with hybrids or woods trying to pick them. And that's not the way to go about it. It's too much back or--

Yeah. Stay in your posture, stay down, nice divot with-- no matter what it is, wedge, ironwood, hybrid.

Because, of course, and you know this, a lot of people want to go that way, or they want to go that way, but you stay in there a long time. When I say stay in there, the angles of your wrists are there a long time. And that's--


--that's what does it right?

Yeah. You know, you can even practice staying down just a hair longer. Listen for that pure sound. But, you should treat a wood or a hybrid no different than an iron.

OK. So like a five-iron, think of it as a five-iron?

Yeah, exactly, with that angle of attack. Exactly.

So, this is kind of nice. You got 200 yards. We've got a hybrid. We've got the water on the right. The wind's off the right. It was down off the tee, and now I'm saying the wind's probably-- we've changed the angle.

Yes, I agree with you. And this is about a 190 club, so, I don't know if I can get it there. I'm going to probably have to get it. But, I'm going to start this. I'm going to try to be fairly aggressive at the pen with the trouble over there, and know that if it's a little left--

So there's trouble also left?

There is. If you hit it a little bit short left it could come back onto the green.


So, I'm going to really focus in on the windows of that building on that house--


--on that house.

Almost over this little sign that we--


--in the fairway here.

And then let the wind bring it back to the tree or the pin, and know if I'm a little bit-- if I overdo it, that's OK too. It could come back to the hole.



So, maybe turned it a fraction.

Yeah. Overdid it a little too much, which, you know, not the end of the world.

Well, you said that there's a little trouble down there, but--

Yeah it--

What would be the adjustment for you on this one? What would be the immediate-- what did you do too much of or too less of?

Well, I'd like to have a little better picture and commitment, and just really be confident aiming up at that house, swinging and knowing that that wind is going to bring-- this was a very--

Go to the chimney?

--it's a very difficult shot.

Well, yeah is it?

Yes, that chimney, but just be really confident with that--

That's over there though, in your mind, like that's over there.

Yeah. That's kind of in the trouble zone--

And it's--


--kind of what I said I don't like to start over trouble.

But we know to pull this shot off, we have to commit to--


Oh, we got to get it over there.

I didn't do a very good job there. I kind of lost my picture, and-- so, I'm going to really aim up at that house, and then really try to see it going at the tree that I wanted there.


Yeah, you've got that one doing what you want it to.

It's going to be short. You get a little hop there short right.

Short of miraculous. Looks like it's-- somebody zoom in on the flag up there.

It's still short.

Got it--

But, definitely the best one.

That was a pretty good shot.


So let's go see what that left-- where it went on the left. Let's see what that's all about.

Why don't we?

Yes we will.