Brittany Lang - Lag Putt

Sometimes a lag putt is the good play. Hear how Brittany Lang uses the lag to her advantage.


I hit a ton of speed during the practice round just really getting comfortable-- uphill, downhill, sidehill. I always go to the side to see, is it up, is it down, is it flat. And then once I know from there and I got my read, the key is to really hit your lines. Because, say it breaks quite a bit--

It'll miss way up there.

Exactly right. So can you make this putt? Yes. Your chances are not really great. So this putt here breaks a couple of feet, so you want to err on the high side so it doesn't get away from you.

Get away from it down below.

Give yourself more of a tap-in.

Yep. Same routine basically?

Same exact routine. I line up my ball.

And I think it's important to know that you're not dead set on that line right there.

No, like I just set it up. You know, It might be a little bit high, but that's great. And from here, it looks a little bit uphill. So I'll go with that line and take a practice stroke. And then, again, I'm still going to see it going in the hole, and I'm going to try to stay down. But I know just thinking about nice pace is going to get the job done.


Yeah. You just sort of go-- you were telling us on the earlier stroke that you might make two swings or three, and then you just did one.


But I like that about you. It's like you go when all systems say go, right? It's like, if one did the job, you go in.


Is that right? Well, I say this a lot. When I'm a little bit more nervous, I'll take a few more to kind of calm my hands--

Shake it out of there a little bit.

And calm myself. And on a long putt, it's usually one. Shorter putts, two, three, four, a few more.

I know top players like you, you hit that one, and you'll make some kind of an adjustment with the read or whatever. You'll probably get this one even closer.

It's not breaking as much at the end, is that?

Yeah, I think I hit a little bit too high.


See, made that big adjustment.

Oh yeah.

I think you make everything-- that right hand you got, I'm so envious of your right hand.

Thank you.

Love it.