Brittany Lang - Alignment

Lining up correctly is crucial for success. See how Brittany Lang handles alignment.

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You can see you're an athlete, the way you're built. You know, you've got strong legs, you've got long limbs, you're athletic, right? You've already proven it by saying that you don't think about it too much. But, what do you do when you do wrong with your swing?

When I'm not hitting it good?

Yeah, just basically that, you know on top or--

For me, it's normally alignment. I'll get too far left, and then when I hit a great shot it's way left. And then, I'll hit a big block, because you know you're aimed incorrectly.

Because you're trying to get back over there.

So for me, alignment is huge.

A lot of people, they want to know, is there any-- I don't see any sticks, I don't use any sticks, how do you know when you're lined up? Your brother tell you? You know, you recognize it, right?

I mean, I'm not-- aiming is not a strong quality of mine, so, when I'm playing I get an intermediate target.

OK, so like Jack Nicklaus, your dad wanted you to do this for years but you were too stubborn to do it, right?

But I finally got there.

You finally got there.

So, I use something very close because my eyes aren't great. So if I'm going over this red flag, I'm going to pick something really, really close, like a foot.


And I like to--

Put the club face at there and--

Best I can, and then I'm trying to get the ball right in the middle with my left foot dropped back just a hair, because that's comfortable. Then from there, I know my feet are probably a little bit more left, but I'll lay a club down and check it, or Luke will check me. I have a drill where, I call it a nine iron drill, I lay a club down and for 10 minutes I hit with the club down to get it.

And then move it.

But I only allow myself that so that you can practice.

You don't like having the crutches on there, training wheels, you take them off.

That's not how you play golf.


Yeah. But I do take that time very seriously, just like my chalk line to get set.

Is it re-training the eyes to recognize what the feet should look like, and where?

Yes, absolutely. Then, when you're looking at the whole-- Oh, this is what good alignment looks like.


And how your swing is so, so much better when you're in that good alignment.