Brittany Lang - Setting Up Over the Ball

Brittany Lang explains how her set up leads to shot success.


How do you get in there? How do you get in the setup, because your setup is awesome, right? Is there a--

For the cut, or the draw?

No, just for you-- how you get your, how you position your body, like on your routine. How do you build the shape of your body? My son Sam has his bottom in there too close right now, I can't get it, I mean--

OK. Well, it happens, and sometimes you're too close, too far, and you've got to adjust. Like I said, that drill is so important to lay that club.

For you.


Re-learn where everything is?

Just get set. If it's five minutes. But for me, I pretend like I'm doing that 9 iron drill. I pretend there's a club here, I got my intermediate, I set the club first, and then it's a 6 iron so, from the square club on the intermediate I set my feet accordingly and I put the ball position where 6 iron should be.


It's very simple.

It's a foolproof way, isn't it?

I mean, look. I'm not going to be perfect, but it's going to be pretty darn close.

You're in the game, right?



And it just-- it should feel very comfortable.