Brittany Lang - The Grip

Searching for the right grip can be a long journey. Check out Brittany Lang's grip for another idea.


So I would start out by hitting, probably some of these little 50-60 yarders here, just to get loose. Just get the body loose, get the mind loose.

You thinking about your 9-3 little bit?

Yeah, right here I am. I'm also really seeing that ball go at the pin. Really trying to make a nice committed swing, seeing it. Seeing it go there.

Can you show us how you put your left hand on?


Are there any goals for where you grip it for your left hand?

No, I just grip it.

In the fingers? You see two knuckles?

Nope, I just grab the club and that's what I got.

Pretty simple, right?

Pretty simple, feels natural.


Feels good.

Again you are blessed with nice long fingers.

Yes, I was.

This is real perfect right here.


What I see for you, what I see automatically is this palm. I'm not trying to change, but it's pointing where you're going.

It is.

I've always thought that when I try to teach kids, or anyone else, it's so easy to square your right hand into anything.

If it's in a nice neutral position.

If it's in correct position.


Because if it's under--

You're going to manipulate.


Exactly right. I say that goes for everything I think of as well, alignment, or swaying off the ball, whatever you don't take away, you don't have to put back.


I always think about that. That goes for grip, alignment, and movement.

Ben Crenshaw has a great grip, and so did Arnold Palmer, but I'm putting your grip in there with it.

I like all these compliments. I didn't think I was going to get that.

You got that in there really unreal.