Brittany Lang - Hitting a Draw

A draw is a shot that requires a true understanding. Brittany Lang shares her secrets about the draw.


Do you, when you say you hit the ball left or right predominately?

Yes, it's gotten straighter over the years. I used to hit a really big cut.

Did you?

But it's gotten a lot straighter over the years. I can hit it both ways but only if I need to.

Do you, do you have, what do you, like when you want to draw one, or something, do you-- what do you do, what are your adjustments? Do you swing everything around?

I kind of, try to really feel it. Like, aim to the right, close the stance a bit, close to face a little bit, and just kind of feel the shape of the swing.

Yeah. Very natural, right? You're really natural.

Very natural, just feeling. If I got up to the ball and didn't really do anything and just visualized a little draw, it would be there.

Yeah. When you say visualize, I know for me I already hear and feel the driver's shot. Is that what you're doing too?

Same thing, yeah.

I feel it and I can picture it coming off just at that height with a little fade.


And then my swing helps me reproduce that, but I--


--have to know what I was doing, for me, but are you the same?

Well I know when I play my best golf I'm not thinking at all. I'm not on top, let's do this, let's do that.

You're trying to hit that ball near the hole, right?

That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I mean, that's why we're out here, right?


So, I'm up here, and I just want 100% commitment to a nice swing at that target.

Yeah. Yeah. So let's see a little draw, let's see if we draw one over there, you swing around pretty good, right?

Yeah, I get a little bit closed, I close that club face a little bit and just try to feel a little bit of a high draw.

There it is.