Brittany Lang - Low & High Shots

Low and high shots can expand your golfing arsenal. See how Brittany Lang hits both shots.


You've got your 5 iron there. You've hit in the left side of the fairway. There's overhanging trees where those red flags are. You've got to hit just a low 5 iron, just keep it lower than normal. What are you going to do with the low?

Where is the pin at?

Behind the reds.

Yeah, I would try to hit a little low cut.

Low cut?

Yeah, let's give it a try.

What do you go through for that?

I'm going to choke down, get the ball back, and kind of do the opposite of that. I'm going to go to a little chop across. Hold a little bit of a--

Chicken wing?

Yeah, chicken wing out. A little opposite of the draw.


Again, all feel things, not thinking. Open, ball back, chop, a feel of a cut.


And then from there I'm going to do my best to really see that low cut.

There it is. Now what about if you hit it in the left side of the fairway and there's some trees there, but you've got enough club to get over it, up over, what adjustments are you going to make to go way up, if you can? If it's realistic.

If it's realistic?

Yeah, I mean that's a little too close for the 5, but let's say you've got a doable shot over a decent tree.

Well I think the one thing, you don't really do anything. If I need to hit it higher, I don't do a lot. For me, the more I hit down, the higher it goes. Amateurs, they think you've got to help it. Just really make sure you hear that pure sound, because that means you're staying down and it's going to go up.


I don't do a whole lot of moving it up or anything like that, I just try to hit a really solid shot.

Let's see it.

With the 5 ?



Let's try it. That's your longest iron.


So we're going to move to-- why you have these others. Beauty.