Brittany Lang - Figuring Out the Wind

While we can't control the elements, we can be smart about our shot. Brittany Lang shows us how to deal with the wind.


So 150.

It's 153.

This is a nice-looking Par 3, and you were saying that the green is long. But, today, the pin's right in the front, and it's protected by a false front that will come back down.

Yeah. You've got to get it almost up to the pin, or it will come back short, which-- you know.

That's not that good, either is it?

It's not ideal, especially with a beautiful day like this. You'd like to throw it in their close.

What are you thinking? Just put it 150, take a 7 on, and hit it pass the hole a little bit?

Yeah. Well, I think it's 153, a little in. You know, I still think I need a really good 7 iron to get it there.

What do you think it's playing? 60?

With that wind, maybe just shy of 60.

The flag, itself, up there is not moving.

So say I don't get the wind, I'll be a little bit past. That's your miss. That's OK. You still have a good birdie look.

No doubt. Sometimes you've got to be aware-- and I'm saying this for my benefit-- that that flag up there is not moving, but we're feeling it here. So it's coming off that top of that ridge and blowing us here, but it's not blowing up there.

It is tricky, yeah. You need to pay attention. A lot of the times, you can tell by the clouds, if it's really blowing, or the different flags.

There's a flag, there, a little bit.

That's still in.

That's what you want. That's what you need to see right there, don't you?

I'm going to hit full 7. And I know that it's enough, so I'm going to commit to it, and know that if the wind dies and it's long, that's great too.

So you kind of pushed it. It's going to catch the hill. You got away with it, totally, right?

I did. Yeah.

But that's the miss, right?

Yeah, that was not a very good swing, but--

Let's hit one more. And we want to hit the 8 to see what happens.

I think it is--

We'll just risk it all?

I think it is an 8 iron, because, I mean, that was not a very good 7. But again, it's in a good spot.

It's in a good spot, now. The designer put that hill to the right to use it, right? It helps you.

Well, that wasn't what I was shooting for, but it did help me. I think it's just full 8 right at the pin.

Wind came around behind you right as you hit it.

This wind's all over the place.


I didn't quite catch that, but I think--

It stayed on.

Yeah, it did.

OK. So wind's tricky.

Well, especially today. It has been all over the place. Yeah, I don't think people realize in tournaments, when players are taking so long. Swirling wind it's tough.

I used to just hit it lower. I would hit it-- sting it low. Like, I would take the 7 and just--

Well, I'm not as good you.

No, well, you may not have the low-low. I'm from Wagga. I'm from Wagga Wagga.

I don't know where that is, but I'm guessing you have to hit it low in Wagga.

You got to hit it low in Wagga.