Brittany Lang - Reading the Break

Reading the break is an art form. See how U.S. Open Champion Brittany Lang views each putt.

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So here's my thin eight iron, not my best, but still a birdie putt nonetheless.


Again, you just roughly put down your deal.

Yeah, because I know this course. I know it's going left. It's pretty slow. I can see it here. So I know the pace in the break should be pretty slow. Kind of get a feel, and then just do the same thing I do on the practice green. Try to start it.

What do you think about all these players now have all the systems with the fingers and all that. I can't do any of that.

Yeah. I mean, if you have played golf long enough, you can look at a putt and see what it's doing. You don't need all that.

Jack Nicklaus said, I mean, it's pretty clear where it's going to break.

Yeah. You know, I always go if you poured a bucket of water on the green, where is it-- well, right now it's going to come at me and go this way, so I know it's slow with hook.


So, it should hook, and it should be a little bit slow.


Go. Go.

Yeah, you had it-- you had it read to.

And didn't hit it.

You get one of those three footers again that you were-- you're so good at.

Oh, I am. I got this.

You definitely do.


I'll take that.