Brittany Lang - Staying Down on a Putt

Just like any shot, the key is staying down. Brittany Lang shares with us that putting is no different.


It's got some break there.

A little bit of left to right on it and a little bit of finish.



I'm assuming finish means it's going to break all the way at the end or--

Finish means quick.

Run out?



So I'll set my line. Definitely going left to right and then it should have a little bit of quickness on it. So on a pull like this, I definitely want to make sure I'm staying down in a little slider and a little quick.

Man, that's slow for that down that hill.

It was.

Yeah, so I think what's so good about staying down is it finishes your stroke, right? So it doesn't pull up and you lose the center hit, which gives you the amount you need. There's three things that influence a putt. Go ahead.

There's a square face at impact. That influences the putt about 70%. The second variable is center of the face, is about 20% or 22%.

The least important part of a putting stroke is the stroke itself. Because we've all seen, we all know, that you can have a crazy stroke and have a corresponding face angle and make it.

Correct, Billy Mayfair.

Yes, exactly, but what people don't remember or realize is that one of the biggest variables is a center hit. Because if you read a 10-footer and you have this much energy, you're assuming you're hitting it out of the middle. But if you don't hit it out of the middle, it never gets there.


So center of the face is really important, too.

Well, you know, absolutely, but, you know, it's just like, if you want to hit a pure iron shot--

It's got to be center of the face.

--you're going to stay down and take a divot. It's the same thing with a putt. It's going to roll. You could make a straight putt go a ball left to right by coming out of the putt.

No doubt.

Rather than staying down like a full swing and it rolls so much nicer.

It sounds so like we're not doing anything, but it's a big deal.

It's huge.

Yeah, it's a big deal.