Brittany Lang - 56 Degree Wedge Swing

One of the best wedge players in the women's game, Brittany Lang analizes her 56 degree wedge swing.


I see you have four wedges, you go to 56?


You have so many wedge shots on tour, is that why you like the four? Because you only chip with one, we already know that.

I do, out of the bunker, or if it's a long bunker I'll do sand or gap. If it's real long.


But, yeah, we have some short courses so I have a lot of wedge yardages, for sure.

Yeah. So how far do you hit the 56 there?

I hit it just over 90, 93 full sand wedge. I don't hit a lot of full sand wedges though, I usually hit--


My little 3/4 that goes 90. I like that, I prefer that, I tend to hit it more solid.

Yeah, I do too. I just can't make that big of swing at a wedge.

With such loft.


I never hit a full lob.

I like to drive it.

I do too.

I don't like the--

I prefer that.

Yeah. Jackie Burke used to tell me that when you play quarters up against the wall, you don't see anyone throwing their horseshoes like this, like up there. They're always thrown down there.

Yeah. I haven't heard that one, but it's the same thing.



We see a lot of players out on our tour hit the wedges big. Big and so on, but I don't see it-- I don't see them like that. I want--

The control.

I want the control.

Well, I think when you have such a loft, with such a big swing, so many things can happen.

When I think stiff on the wedges, I think Trevino, I think Paul Azinger with two of the low, Yeah slicey low with big spin that could skip and stop.

Yeah, that's control. That's where you get the tight wedges.

Jason Dufner, big control wedge guy. Low, low, low, low.


Everything he wants is low wedges, for his wages.

I think I probably would be in that category. I do hit a lot of those.

That's such a gift, to be able to hit the low, spinney wedges.

Absolutely. But I do hit a lot of the pells, like 9-2.

I like that, what you showed me is unreal.

You want me to show you? So, here's a sand wedge, here's a 9-2 sand wedge. Which pretty much means waist to shoulder.


And that-- my shoulder to shoulder, which is 10-2 is 90, that one's in between like 85, 87. Kind of right in there.