Chris Stroud - Backswing Trigger

Chris Stroud discusses what his trigger is in the backswing. He focuses on making sure that the left shoulder and clubhead is moving back in the same speed at the beginning of the swing.

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Sequence Chris Stroud Backswing Swing Trigger


What about as the clubs going away, a lot of people have a lot of thoughts about, is there a trigger? What makes you get it back so smooth? People ask us all the time, is it go back with your left shoulder? I mean, how does it work for you?

For me I mean, I have tried a bunch of different things obviously. But for me, you'll see me bounce the club a little bit. Really, all I'm trying to do is, again, I'm sticking to the basic move and I try to stick to. So I'm basically kind of swinging alongside my spine which [? Proco ?] says.

What I'm trying to do when I move back, years and years and years I used to lift the club and drop and all this stuff, to be honest, move back, move down back into it, move forward, stay balanced. But for me, when I'm moving the club backwards, I'm always feeling my left shoulder and the club face are pretty well connected.

They're moving in the same unison. Same unison. So now I may be hinging the club while I'm moving my left shoulder, but they still kind of move at the same rate. So to me, it's a lot of left shoulder.

It's probably going pretty slow, because--

--Pretty slow--

Because left shoulder, it's hard to move faster.

Yeah, you're not trying to jerk it back. To me, it's just a nice smooth. Low and slow is always a great thought for John Daly. But for me, it's moving the left shoulder at a nice smooth rate with the clubface to the back of the swing. Because at the end of the day, I want everything to be done, hit, done. And that includes everything from my feet all the way up to the clubhead all in unison.

Beautiful. Show me that one time.

So again, moving back with the left shoulder, back and down with the left shoulder, through the left shoulder.