Chris Stroud - Clubhead Awareness

Chris Stroud discusses the importance of clubhead awareness in the backswing. He used to be a tinkerer, and always wanted to hit a draw, but realizes that only being able to hit a fade may be a good thing.


What are you worried about on the back swing? Is there anything that worry you? Is there a face? Do you monitor the shaft? Are you monitoring where your hands are going?

I have monitored all that through the years, but I've cut it down to a very, very small list. Now--

So you've been a bit of a tinkerer.

I have tinkered for years, mainly because I came from a-- growing up as a kid, we had real heavy clubs, and I had to lift the club, and then wait on it, and then go. I could never hit a hook. I couldn't hit a draw when I was younger. I'd see these kids with beautiful swings and these big draws. I could never hit a draw. But later, I found out that's actually a pretty good thing.


Just hit it, try to hit a draw, and go straight. But what I also learned out by that-- it's hard to wait that long, and the timing of making good contact is tough. So again, left shoulder--

Good club head awareness, though. You've made you aware of things. Some people say, well, I don't feel anything, and good players, they sort of feel where that club-- the elbow sits, and so on.