Chris Stroud - Turn In The Swing

Chris Stroud discusses how important the strength of the legs and core are to the swing. He explains that most players are worried too much about what the club and the arms are doing, rather than focusing on the big muscles in mid torso.


Tell us what's going on with your hips or legs. Or do we don't even worry about them? Are they trying to follow everything? What are they doing for you? Do you worry about that?

I've been in the gym for years working on my body movements. I've done everything I think--

Is that relevant?

I think it's most important. I think if you can get the big muscles and big bones and muscles to work well, everything else will fall in place?

Like, you're saying if you're going to work on your swing in the gym and so on, you want to do it so they work like your swing would work?

They work together. I think a lot of guys work backwards. They work so hard to get in the club face and the arms and everything in the right position. The problem is their legs are messed up, or their core is not turning, the hips not turning. To me, if you go back to the basics-- I mean, get a medicine ball in the gym, put it in your arms like this-- a big heavy medicine ball and turn behind it, and see if you can hold that position right there, and see if you can keep that leg solid. And then go through it like that.