Chris Stroud - Fairway Bunker Shot (Part 2)

Chris Stroud discusses how he hits the often difficult fairway bunker shot. The goal for him in the downswing is to keep the clubhead level as possible coming into impact (Part 2).


The goal is to try to keep this club face, this head, as level to the ground as possible. I don't want to get too steep on it and dig. I don't want to--

You definitely don't want to tip back.

I don't want to hang back and then I top it. And then I've also seen guys, when they're losing their levels, they go down and then at the last second they're backing out and they get way behind it.


All those things can happen. So for me, the simplest thing to think about when you're in a fairway bunker is to just try to keep your chin or your head, whatever's easiest for you, level with the ground while you're swinging. And I always take a little more club. A little more club is better. It's easier. You don't have to swing so violently. That way it keeps your base really solid. To me, it's all about staying stable and level.

I like the way you do it.


Anything else?

No. I'm going to use it. I'm going to practice.