Chris Stroud - Adding Loft & Speed

Chris Stroud discusses that in order to hit the ball high around the greens, you need both loft and speed through impact. Not enough speed will not allow the ball to travel far enough to the flag with high loft.

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We have to go up here. I put you in a circumstance where you have to go up. What do you do to make this thing go up?

There's two things you need, two basic things. To get height on a shot, a short shot, you need loft and you need speed. So, I'm going to show you ways to get both. We're going to start out with a little simpler shot. This is out of the fringe. For me, I say simpler because you don't have to worry about a crazy lie and I can add some spin to it, if I get good contact.

Now, I can already hear everybody cringes saying, I don't want to have a lot of speed. But, you're saying we've got to have speed here?

If you don't have speed, you've got no chance.


So, you've got to have speed. If you're going to add loft, you've got to hit it harder to make it go the length you need. So, if I simply just had this as a 60 degree and didn't add loft to the 60.

Let's see what, just not adding the loft to the 60.

Perfect example. So, if I just chip this, I can't land this on the green. It will go off the green. So, I'm going to have to land it short.

Or even go ahead and land it on and watch it run on by.

Perfect, I'll land it, my goal is to try to land about three or four feet on the green, normal 60 degrees. I'm just going to go a normal chip.


That landed maybe two feet on. Hits the down slope, off the green, got lucky it came back, most wouldn't.

So, I think Chris, I think the exercise in that is that most people know that, they know how high they kind of hit it. So, our little computer tells us, we need more. But, they don't have the up.

That's right. So, to simplify it, take your normal 60. For me, I take my normal 60 degree stance that I would. And what I'll do is I'll open it up. I keep my hands in kind of the same position. I don't back my hands up yet. I'm going to keep my hands in the same position. I may move a little bit, slightly away from it, and I may open up a little bit more. For this shot, I'm going to adjust a little bit. I might add, that's probably close to 70, 75 degrees. I'll add a little bit more width in my stance. And I'm not going to de-loft. I'm not going to try to add loft this way. I'm going to do the same sweeping technique as I do in my standard chip. I just have more loft, which means I need more speed to hit it that far.



Got up higher, and way softer. I got about a 5 footer.