Chris Stroud - Basics Of Chipping (Part 2)

Chris Stroud discusses the basics of chipping. He see most amateurs not have the hands forward pressed enough, and are too handsy. He demonstrates how to chip consistently well (Part 2).

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Chris Stroud Chipping The Motion Chipping Setup


All the bad chippers I see, they don't have their hands forward enough. I think you always got to have your hands at least on top of the golf ball, if not more.

And then a lot of times, they're really handsy. And when you're handsy, you dig the club. You're not sweeping it like you should. Set up with their body's off. So for me, my setup is, use a ruler. Get the club face aligned to that.

Very small stance.

Very, very small. Feet together. Hands a little forward. Everything else is pretty square. My shoulders. My lower body is always a little bit open on the simple stuff. And then from here, I'm just trying to catch it solid. A lot of guys I see make a lot of hand action. You don't need all that for a simple chip.

You don't have to get super stiff. I see a lot of guys doing all this stuff, and trying to stay still. You can move around, but make sure you're not moving back-and-forth. And that's why I use feet together. Just kind of a rotate together like this.

When you say rotate, what do you mean there?

Let's say if I was against a wall and I could touch a wall back here, I'm not moving back-and-forth along the wall. I'm just turning around--

Is it kind of right cheek touch the wall, and then left cheek?

Correct. It's like a point back here on a wall, and I'm just going around it. And this grip is going to be basically pointed over here, almost to my left hip at all times like that. I think it's a very simple way.

A lot of guys I see in the Pro-Ams, they either add way too much or they subtract too much. Or if you're talking about loft, deloft, add loft. You don't need that for this. You go right with your left hip and go from there. So for me, it's just a good, solid motion.

Not a lot of wrist? No wrist action?

Very little wrist for me. I think that's probably one of my strengths of chipping, why I'm a good chipper. There are some times where you do need to use some hands.

When you caulking, you have to then uncaulk it--

That's right, and that brings in a lot of problems.

Looks like you're down on the shaft a little bit, are you?

I do grip down a little bit just to give myself a little more feel for the head and a little bit less weight which the more weight you have, the more variance you have in distance. I'm trying to make it as simple as I can, as short and as connected as I can to that club face.