Chris Stroud - Be Great At Simple Things

Chris Stroud discusses how he spends 90% of his practice time on the simplest things. This includes the setup - making sure the shoulders are square, hands are in front, aiming correctly, etc.

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People think everything that the truer players do is like going up this ladder of being excellent at all these fancy things. And it's almost like whenever I talk to you guys about your games, they always start out with I'm trying to make this as simple as I can. And I'm trying to say, why don't-- everyone else that think it's so difficult, why can't they think could it be so simple?

It can. That's a perfect analogy. I think-- I mean, 90% of my practice, maybe more, is all about trying to be really good at the simplest things, lining up properly, squaring up to a target, making sure my hands are in front, making sure my eyes are level, just the absolute basic stuff on putting, set up, chipping, set up, set up, set up. It's always about set up. It's not about trying to get--

99% of the shot-- good shots-- hit before you hit it, Jack Nicklaus said.

I totally agree with that. I think-- I agree I think all the practice that goes in of all the little stuff makes you better. When you get on the golf course, you don't have to think about it.