Chris Stroud - Chipping With 60 Degree Wedge

Chris Stroud discusses how he hits the chip with a 60 degree wedge. He will either spot chip or feel the distance like he would a long putt.

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On this simple chip, in my mind, because this fringe area, this fairway area on the golf course is a little thick, I'm not going to putt. I'm obviously chipping. So for me, I do two things that are really simple. I either do a spot chip where I'm trying to land it on the spot, or I'm trying to feel the distance of the hole like I would a long putt and let the weight of the club hit the ball to that spot and I don't really care where it lands.

So for me, I'm going to do a spot chip. I'll just put a tee up here. You can see it. I'm going to try to land it pretty close to that tee if you can see it. And I know if I land it close to that tee, it should end up really close to the hole.

And if it doesn't, you'll adjust on the next one, right?

That's right.

And that's what learning is, right? It's just a perfect feedback. So a touch short but it rolled out. To me, that tells me two things. My spot's either too far that way, or I need to get more height on it.

More height I think-- yeah.

That's it. For me, I agree with the height.

So what would be the adjustment there.

So for me, on that one I had my hands really forward. And it was a pretty low shot. So what I'm going to do to add, I could bring my hands back a little bit more on top of the ball. But you can add loft by opening the face.

We're talking about-- when tour players move things-- we're talking a little bit.

Tiny, tiny.

A degree or two.

Just a couple of degrees. It makes a big difference. I probably had this thing delofted-- it's a 60 degree wedge. I probably had it delofted to 50 or 52. Now, I'm going to try to bring it up to about 60. So I'm going to bring kind of true loft to it.

Perpendicular shaft almost.

Pretty much straight up. It may be a little lean just to get better contact. But I could open it up just a squinch and hit the same shot. Let's see if I can-- see that came off higher?

Yeah, it was nice.

Finishes a little bit-- so it landed about a foot short of the tee again. But it's way short of the hole.