Chris Stroud - Long Chip Shot

Chris Stroud discusses how to hit a long chip shot using a pitching wedge. He's able to land the ball half way using the natural loft on the club and let the ball run to the hole.

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So now we've got a pitching wedge.

Yep. So now--

Obviously, the trajectory is lower. It's going to-- you're going to have to split it in half, because it can't get the bite.

That's right. So because I have pitching wedge and a lot less loft that's probably 47 46 degrees, I've got about-- I've got 42, 43 yards. About half of it with this fringe fairway area and then half as the green.

Again, I'm going to visualize first where-- how can I get this-- how can I make this as simple as possible. If I just had the pitching wedge loft on it, I'm a grip down a little bit on the setup. I see on the visual-- if I'm trying to visualize this, I think, I can land this 10 or 15 feet on the green, a little over halfway there and then let it run out 20 to 25 feet.

With the natural trajectory.

With a natural trajectory, I'm not trying to add a bunch of spin. I'm just trying to hit it solid, let it land and roll out, just like if I had it my hand and you throw it that way. So my setup would be pretty square out with my upper body. This be a little open. Hands in front, and I just try to copy what I see.