Chris Stroud - Spin Shot Around The Green

Chris Stroud explains how to hit spinning shots around the green. He demonstrates how to use different clubs to produce the best results.

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Chris Stroud Pitching Spin


I'm going to give you a little bit of a test here. We've got, what have we got 42 yards back there?

42, 43, yep.

You're going to teach us how to hit a controlled, spinning sand wedge, first. Take out all the trouble. Then we're going to make you do it with a pitching wedge.

Love it.

Then we're going to make you do with an 8 iron.

Love it.

All right, so show us the how you control the 40.

So, real simple. We got about 42, 43 yards, a little bit uphill. I know that it's going to be a little bit into the grain. I'm going to use my 60, which I use almost every single shot in this area. And again, I'm trying to picture first what I want to do. I know, in my mind, if I had a ball in my hand and I threw it up there with a little bit of spin, I could probably land it 15 to 20 feet short, kind of one, two, three hops, stop. And I'm not going to try to do anything fancy as far as adding a ton of spin. Not in this spot.

What does that add a ton of spin mean?

Add a ton of spin for me is I'm going to open the face, and I'm going to do way more speed, and there's a couple of things I can even add to give it even crazy amount of speed, which is a long to short finish. Which gives it, I can get inside 40 yards, I can get over 10,000 RPMs, which is really, really high. So, for this 42, 43 yard shot, I'm going to try to land it. Normally in a tour event, I would walk up. I would figure out exactly what it looks like and feels like on the green because when I walk around, you can feel how hard it is. And I'm going to think, I probably need to land this about 36 or 37 yards one, two, three. So, in my mind, that's just kind of a general. I'm not trying to worry about we're 37 yards is. I can still feel that, but I just know 5, 6, 7 yards short, boom, boom, let it roll out, see if I can land it by the hole or maybe even make it. Visualize, see the height, I'm going to go really simple here. Same kind of setup, just kind of general 60 degrees of loft. I'm not going to open, I'm going to close it. Hands in front and just use my standard chipping. Which is same thing, using my middle of my body for my engine, and just try to make really solid contact.


That looked like it landed probably 34, 35 yards. It's probably 10 feet short.

Let's hit one more. Let's do the one with way more spin like fly it all the way to 42.

Yep, got it. So, if I want to land it all the way to the hole and stop it, one of those kind of fancy PGA Tour type shots, I'm going to keep a similar situation as far as set up. I'm going to have maybe a foot between, six inches to a foot in between my feet, hands still forward, open it up. That means it's going to have more spin and more height.

[HITS BALL] That landed about 39. So, probably a little bit short still.