Chris Stroud - Cone Drill

Chris Stroud discusses his cone drill he does with his wedges. He will hit one ball from 40 yards, all the way to 90 yards, and will only receive a "check" mark if he lands it within 6 feet.

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And normally what I do when I'm working on wedges is I don't like to just sit here and hit 40 shots at one. I'll just one at 50, one at 60, one at 70, one at 80, one at 90. And I just go back and forth, back and forth.

One of my favorite drills is I'll warm up. And once I get warmed up I'll do what I call "cone drill." And I'll start out at 40 yards, 45, all the way to 90. So 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, all the way to 90 yards-- hit one shot at each. 40 yards, 45.

If I land it within six feet, I get a check mark. If I don't, I don't get anything, so I got to come back to it. So 40-- if I land it inside six feet, which is two steps-- not very long. If I land inside six, I don't have to go back to that one. 45-- same thing. That's the quickest way I have found out to transfer to the golf course.

You hit a lot of shots. When you have a foul, you're two. So you just get better at it, better at it.

Better, and better, and better.

Make more feedback.

More feedback. The cones, for me, has been a savior for from my wedges and really just a foundation for me to practice.

It's a good game.

It's a great game.

It keeps you not being so bored.

That's right. It's easy to get bored out here, and it's easy to waist time. To me, I can do that cone drill in 15 to 20 minutes, and I have literally worked as hard as I can possibly work on wedges at those distances. And you have perfect feedback. You know exactly how far the ball's going that day.

So I could literally sit here for 15 minutes. I could go 40, 45, all the way to 90. And if I hit them all in one shot, I'm done for the day. It may take me one time. I've only done it one time where I hit every single yard.

I think there's 40 to 90 I think is 10 shots. If you do 40, 45-- it's about 10 shots. Only one time I've gotten all through with missing one. So I've never been able to go all the way through and hit. But it's really difficult to hit everyone of them inside six feet circle. So two steps in any direction.