Chris Stroud - Putting Drill With A Ruler (Part 2)

Chris Stroud discusses the putting drill he uses with a 3 foot ruler. He keeps the ruler in his bag at all times, and will use it prior to the round to get his aim and stroke down perfectly (Part 2).

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If you want to go even further, which I do a lot of times after the round, is I'll do that right there. I put the putter right down the middle of a ruler. And since this putter's a little funky shape, I'll put two tees on the inside and out as a gate.

That's a pretty tight gate right there.

Pretty tight. And then I do the same back here. If I had a straight line all the way back, I do the same thing. I put two more back here.

Tiger Woods, of course, we've seen him do the gate drill a lot when he was in his prime.

Now, if I had a putter that was more toe hang, I probably would have more of a swing arc. I wouldn't have such a straight back straight through. That's a big deal. So this is a very face balanced long putter.

And those aer tour gates. You don't have to be that tight. You could give yourself a half inch if you wanted to, right?

Yeah, I think for the start-- let's say if you're a big slicer of the putt for a lot of guys-- what I would do is just take out that one and that one. And now it's going to help you just draw it. Learn how to get the putter back from the inside a little bit more coming down the line, and it'll teach you how to release it.

A lot of guys that hit cuts-- they drag the grip, and they do that. Vise versa if you hook the putt real bad, put the other two back in there and take those out. That way it keeps you more straight back straight through.

Once you get that, you can vary them all. To me, this is just more training. But when I start in the morning, I just start with a ruler. I don't want to get too technical and just try to warm the putts up, warm my body up, and get used to lining up.

And this is a real building block. Because Mr. Burke says if you're good here and you can lag into this circle, that kind of seals the deal for you to only think about holding putts everywhere else.

Well said.