Chris Stroud - Scoring System

Chris Stroud discusses the scoring system for his cone drill with his wedges. He will hit one ball from 40 yards, all the way to 90 yards, and will only receive a "check" mark if he lands it within 6 feet.

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And when I have time to practice-- let's say I had 30 minutes or an hour to go practice and I'm going to go work on wedges. The best drill I've come up with I call the cone drill. And I'll set up cones from exactly 40 yards all the way to 90 every five yards. So 40, 45, 50, 55, all the way up to 90 yards. That's a lob wedge all the way through.

And obviously, wind has a little effect. But what I'll do is I'll take a scorecard, and I'll put 40 yards, 45, all the way to 90 across the top. And I'll put on the left side 1, 2, 3, 4. Let's say my first shot is a 40-yard shot to a 40-yard cone. If I land inside the six foot circle, I give myself a check and I'm on the one slot just like if there were four players on the score card.

A grid.

The grid. So one check. If I miss the 45--


Nothing. I don't do anything. I go to the 50. If I miss it-- nothing. 55, I hit it-- check mark on the 55 on the one. Same thing.

Once you get to 90, you come back to the ones you didn't check. 45-- I got to start. If you miss 45 again, you keep going until you-- and basically--

You'll find out where the hole is.

If I can't get all 90 in four shots, then my wedges are no good. That means, in my mind, I've got to go get to work. I've got to practice again tomorrow.

So you, again, you are proving to yourself you're good.

That's right. It's giving me confidence.

It's like you did with the ruler drill.

That's right. It's giving me confidence. I know at the end of the day, I've practiced. I've put the work in. And it gives me a standard that I know I'm ready to go hit my wedges on the golf course.

It also helps you-- clearly, we always think of getting up and down green-- but if you hit a bad t-ball, you're not worried about chipping out.

That's it.

Because you've got 60 yards. Boom, bang, par.

So much easier--

To play.

Let's say if I didn't have time to come out and hit a bunch of balls. 20, 30 minutes with wedges on the cone drill, maybe five minutes on putting on the ruler, or you can even putt in your room on a ruler. Come out the next day, no matter how bad you hit it, you know you can get up and down from anywhere inside 100 yards.