Chris Stroud - 3 Wood Swing

Chris Stroud discusses how he swings the 3 wood. He will swing down on it, but that still means coming in shallow, on plane, from the inside into impact.

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So 3 wood-- obviously, the last club before you get to the driver--

Of the hit-down motion, right?

--and it's still that, for me, feels down. The club's built to get the ball up.

When you say down, it's not coming up. Because a tee, it's easy to hit up on it. Seems to be easy to hit up on a tee.

That's right.

3 wood, still-- you know, everyone measures these things now. Isn't a tour statistic still down a little bit?

Yeah. I mean, you know, if you got off the TrackMan, or the TourScope, and FlightScope, and all these things-- you know, hitting down to me is still very, very-- coming from a very shallow on-plane, inside approach. A lot of guys, some friends of mine that are 70, 80, 90 shooters that are baseball players, they're way over the top and steep. They don't need to be feeling down, they need to be feeling getting on the inside, so they can feel more of a sweep.

So obviously, individual feels are different. Mine still, because I'm on the inside and on-plane, I can feel more down just at impact.