Chris Stroud - 5 Wood Swing

Chris Stroud discusses how he hits his 5 wood. He will still hit down on it, but this club allows him to hit the ball low or as high as he wants to hit it.

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5 wood?

5 wood, 3 wood, same thing to me. It's still a downward blow for me.

Everything in your bag is built for you. You don't really-- you don't subscribe to-- you know, you just-- they're just tools, right?

They're just tools. I've got them personalized for me.

You need this one this way. You need this one that way.

That's right.

It's what can you add to your tackle box-- your lures-- for when I got to hit it high, or when I got to hit it low. You got to have it all.

That's exactly what this does. So now I've got-- I go from a 230-yard more boring, flatter, still spinning enough-- not just running, but-- to now I have a 240, high as I want to hit it. And I can still hit it low if I want to, but it's really made for my par fives to get up over the water.

So same thing-- I'm still trying to feel the same thing.

Yeah, that's plenty high right there.

And it's got all-- exactly. And all the equipment is built to do that. I don't have to do anything. I'm just trying to feel the same 7 iron feel and swing as I did earlier.