Chris Stroud - Driver Swing

Chris Stroud discusses how he swings his driver. It's a little different from other clubs in the way he sets up. The ball is further up in the stance so that he can catch it on the way up at impact.


Tell us the thinking, here, on the driver, because this is, now-- as we know, that, when we're talking about the angle of descent on the ideal, optimal, through the bag would be the lowest on the wedges, then less up to the woods, which almost-- on the surface. And, now, we're up.

To me, this is the only club in my bag that I hope to, for the round, to have to swing up on. And it's going to be, obviously, the furthest away. It's going to be the furthest from center.

So it's really close to my left heel. Again, I still have the same type set up-- get in there, bend at the waist, let my arms hang. And, then, there it is. As you see, from this angle, it's way up here, close to my left heel, like you'll see almost everyone.

So you need it a little forward, so you can catch the swing on the way up.

Yeah. You want the lowest part of your swing in the driver to be just short of it, and every other club is going to be just past to the [INAUDIBLE].

That's right. That's right.

So the club-- you want the lowest point to be--

Back there.

If you hit-- if you find that you-- like, I play with these amateurs all the time. And they hit the ball so well, but they hit it too low off the tee. Every time, I have to go up and move it well. And they're like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It feels like this, to them.


But the truth is, it's really just, kind of-- because they're, like, here back in the middle.


So ball position is absolutely gigantic, for driver. It's got to be good ball position. Same thing, set up here. Same deal, I'm just trying to move my body. I, really, focus on my legs. Let everything kind of fall in place. I'm trying to swing up on it.