Chris Stroud - Go-To Drive

Chris Stroud discusses his go-to drive swing. He will change the next tilt at address depending on whether or not he's hitting a draw or a fade, and will squeeze his left hand firmer to ensure a left to right ball flight.


[BIRDS CHIRPING] I'm going to hit a little fade for you, because you like fades.

OK, what are you going to do [INAUDIBLE]?

All I do, really simply-- the only thing I'm going to change-- I'm going to keep the ball positioned the same. If I start out from neutral-- here's a neutral set-up for me-- I'm going to open up my feet just a little bit. I may aim my shoulders a touch left. And all I do is I tried to keep my eyes-- so this is neutralized for me.

If I'm trying to draw it, I move my eyes that way. If I'm trying to fade it, I move it a little bit this way. It's--

So it's actually--

--very advanced.

--you're slightly changing your neck-tilt--

I just changed my--

--neck tilts a little bit.

--eye plane. My--

Eye tilt--

--eye tilt.

Eye-line, neck tilt-- yeah.

But at the end of the day, nothing else changes.


I still come down the same spot. If I want to make it even simpler than that-- same setup. Let's say at Pebble-- 18.

Yeah, everyone knows 18 at Pebble.

Simple thing for me--

Ocean left--

Ocean left-- can't hit left.

--tree down the middle.

Tree down the mid-- you're going right at those trees. I pick out a tree. And let's say, you're in the lead. You got to hit it right down the middle. The only thing I would really focus on is, to me, in my mind, I'm thinking, I want to hit a straight ball that does not go left. It can fade a little bit. It can go straight. It can turn over, if I block it. But it cannot go left of where I'm starting.


So all I do is I just squeeze my left hand really hard.


Pretty simple-- a lot of guys do it.

You just upped the pressure from-- what?-- a 6 to an 8?

Probably an 8-- and I'm sure, under the gun, it probably goes to a 9.


So I'll do that right here. I'm going to do this in a neutral set up.

And if if you had the lead, it would be a pure 11.

Pure 11.


So same thing-- I'm going to do the same exact setup. I'm not going to change anything, except my left-hand grip, and see if I can hold onto it.

And is the reason with the holding on in the left hand-- is that just, it's just dominant-- holding out in front a little longer?

All it does for me is it just drags my hand a little out in front further.

And it keeps that guaranteed open.

It just barely keeps that toe behind the heel.

Yep, very good.

Just a guaranteed, absolute, go-to drive.