Chris Stroud - Hitting The Hybrid

Chris Stroud discusses how to hit the hybrid. He had trouble hitting the long irons too low, and once he switched to hitting the hybrid in college, he was able to get the height on the ball he desired.


What do you like about a hybrid for you? And how far do you hit it?

Great question for me, individually. Because years, and years, and years as I was growing up, I could never hit a long iron high. I could hit it solid with the best of them. Those old beryllium 2 iron Ping Eye 2s. And I could hit it 250 yards back in the day. It was just bullets. But I could never get a long iron up in the air like the old Jack Nicklaus, right?

These come along--

You and a lot of other people.

There was a lot of us. But when I was going through that period, I was young, I was lean, I wasn't very strong, and I didn't have the knowledge that I have today of how to get the ball up in the air properly at my level. But this has really-- starting in college, I started playing these--

You get more up?

--and I don't have to feel like I'm trying to-- it's not that I'm trying to lift it in the air. But the old irons, I would hang back, and I had so much lag or lean, I couldn't get the club out enough.


Now I could hit down on this thing and it would get up in the air because of all the--

Back weight.

--weighting back here.


But I feel the same with my 5 iron, the hybrid, as I do my 7 iron. My 7 iron swing is about the same as--

How far does this go for you?

This goes 230.


This is a 3 iron. It's about-- it says 20. I think I got it about--

Everybody's hybrid--

[? --20 ?] and 1/2.

--for us, goes 230, because our 3 wood goes, you know, whatever, 250.


And our 3 iron, we don't like it-- we can't hit our 3 iron like that.

That's right. So this is in between a 5 wood. I have a 5 wood, also, that I use if I have a par five that--

Even more up or a bit further.

--I get a little-- I get 10 more yards in the air, but I get way more height.

Way more height.

This is for a golf course like Cancun where I can just hit a bullet off the tee and I can hit a 230-yard shot to a par three.


This is kind of a mix. To me, it's like hitting a really long 7 iron, but lower, obviously.

So same thing. I get in here. Same setup. Arms hanging. And then I just try to feel this position again.