Chris Stroud - Finding The Right Putter Length

Chris Stroud discusses how he fit himself to his long putter. He explains how to first set up to where you are comfortable, and then align the putter to the lead forearm.

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So the thing that always confuses me-- and I'm obviously in the game all the time-- is how do you actually operate this thing correctly? Because I grab one and I wobble and everything. And I'm sure everyone else does too.

So how do you fit yourself? Why don't you show us why it's the 39 inches. 39 or 38?

No, this one's 45 inches. This is the length of the driver. This is the long, long one. Most guys--

And how do you fit yourself?

I'm pretty tall. So the big thing for me, is figuring out where you want to-- for a belly putter, when I first had--

It can't touch there now with the new rule.

Can't touch. So when I had as a belly putter, it was a little bit above my belly button. Now what I do-- it's a little bit more upright.

So what I do is I first set the putter down, line my feet up. I'm pretty square. And I try to toe my feet in a little bit so I don't wobble back and forth.

That just gives you a bit more structure.

Just a little more structure, a little stability.

And this is what someone would run a tape down?

That's correct.

From where they're comfortable, that would be how you would fit yourself?

That's right. And from the guys I've worked with before, they say anywhere from on your forearm line, a good way to line up would be like this.

You're talking about down--

Down your forearm. The most flat you want the putter is on the forearm line. And I have mine way up here. So anywhere in between there is good. So if you look at the line of the putter, and my forearms, because I bring my elbows--

You're talking about it from this view.

--from that view down the line. I have this much more upright. I think this is better and easier. I think it brings you closer the ball, more over the ball. And the putter's able to swing back and forth.