Chris Stroud - Wedge Bounce In Chipping

Chris Stroud discusses how even when hitting out of the rough around the green, he will use a club with enough bounce. This will ensure that he's able to get the ball out easier than a club that might stick in the rough.

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We're going to play the shot here. Everyone has to face it. It's up, over, and out of the rough. How do you-- you hear so much people say, how do you read a lie? What does even that mean?

Great question. First, make it real simple. I've got about 35, 40 yard chip, little bit downhill total. I've got to lie in the rough that is-- there's a lot of questions. I mean, it's hard to figure out how it's going to come out exactly.

I do know when you're in the rough compared to the fairway, you're not going to have near as much spin on most of the time. So if I don't have much spin and I've got a shot, I've got to make sure I stop because I feel like this shot can get away from me easily. So I'm going to use a little bit of height again.

So simply, in the rough, I use a 60. I mean, on tour, we have to use 60 almost every single time. A lot of you guys have a 56, which is a little bit more bounce. But for me--

--is bounce important? Is the bounce even relevant in the rough?

For me, it just depends if you're using the back edge or not. And that's another big, loaded question. But my 60 has about 10 degrees of bounce. My 56 has about 14 maybe. That means the back edge is higher, which means if you had it opened a little bit, it's going to bounce out of there quicker.

So you have 10 degrees of bounce there, 14 degrees of bounce here, you're probably one of the best chipper's in the world. That's a lot of bounce. That sort of builds in-- it's almost a help.

It is, it helps.

You've got the best guy-- you got best guy with the helper club. Is that wrong, or is that right?

No, that's right. I think, I've experimented. Like I said, this is definitely one of my strengths. And I've experimented with two degrees of bounce all the way to 20 degrees of bounce to see where I get an edge and where I don't. If you got too much bounce on my 60, you start losing control.

It's too hot. It comes out hot. You don't get near as much height. Sometimes, when you have tight lies you skull it, because it's bouncing out there. So you want the mix of spin and height. For me, I want the ball coming out as soft as possible. And when I have too much bounce, like a 56 for me, it tends to bounce out and take off.