Chris Stroud: Equipment - Driver Swing

Chris Stroud discusses how switching drivers to new technology forced him to alter his swing a little. He has now adjusted and has become a great driver off the tee.

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Chris Stroud Driver


OK. You've got to be a good driver.

Pretty good driver, pretty good driver. I definitely don't struggle at driving. I struggle to get in the new equipment though. Not the new shafts, but the new heads because for the first time, I've always been straight in the super Whitehead, back to the old burner blackhead driver and--

That's what I used for long a long time.

Titleist 975D with a, I mean I had some really, really great looking heads with 8 and 9 degree loft. And they were just solid as a rock at the bottom. You get in these new drivers and now you're trying to get it up in the air, it's definitely changed my approach into swinging in a hidden driver. So, it it's taken me a couple of years. Finally figured it out, but I'm a good driver again. I struggled for a couple of years.