Chris Stroud: Equipment - Irons (Part 1)

Chris Stroud discusses the specs of his Cleveland blade irons. He used to play cavity back throughout his junior and college golf, and only moved to blade when he got on the PGA Tour where he realized how much straighter he hit them.

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Chris Stroud Equipment Irons Club Specs


So this is your set. And I think we've got--

They're the same, but they're mixed. So what I mean is, Srixon owns Cleveland now.

I'm going to let you-- That's yours. They're all the same, right?

These are my babies.


I have tested and retested this set. It's Cleveland-- got bought out by Srixon a few years ago, so Srixon owns Cleveland. These are the exact same heads. I have about four sets of these at the house. Again, it's a Roger Cleveland design.

How long will a set last you?

I mean, six iron to eight iron will last-- that's why you see a couple newer-- six to eight iron will probably last a year or two. And then a pitching wedge, nine iron, will last a little less, because you're just hitting a few more, and I'm practicing a lot, with them a lot more. Pitching wedge, nine iron, probably a year max. But what I've tried to do is I alternate-- I have about three sets, and I alternate them back and forth.

Oh, I see--

And a pitching wedge-- I have a pitching wedge at home where I try to-- you can see, this is dinged up, but I put the Srixon head in because the grooves were gone.


So I put this pitching wedge in-- I'm, like, man, that was really good. So I put the nine iron in, it's the same.

We don't care what they look like.

Yeah, exactly. We absolutely do not care.

We need performance.

Yeah, we don't care. That's great. So that's sort of a bladed club that-- are you doing that for the look? And just sort of-- you've been a traditional iron player.

You know what? I played cavity back all my life until I got onto the tour--


--and then-- no kidding. My dad always taught me--

So, normally speaking, you would say that most tour players grew up with--

I was not-- I was not the--


I was not the Country Club type guy. I was--

I know that, but I wasn't either, but--

My dad always taught me, he kind of brainwashed me the way like, you don't need-- not to money--

--tour blades?

--he said, these will help you. And he was right for a long time. But then, when I got into college, I started getting pretty good. I would hit some of my player-- my friends' clubs, like Mizuno, you know, MP-12s and 20s and all these numbers-- 33s. And I would hit them like, man, these are better than mine. So anyway, I got on tour, I finally like, OK, I'm gonna try these blades, and I hit them better.