Chris Stroud: Equipment - Wedge Bounce

Chris Stroud discusses the bounce of his wedges. He has the bounce at 10 degrees, but ground in such a way that allows him to open the clubface up while maintaining the same bounce. It's only when the club is fully open does the bounce increases.

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Chris Stroud Equipment Wedges Club Specs


And the interesting thing that we did visit with you today, was you're one of the best chippers known across the tour as one of the best short game guys. And you use a lot of bounce. And that's cool, but normally thinking was the better you are, the less bounce you need. But I learned a very good lesson day. That's 10, right?

This is like, what we call-- there's two different ways of owning bounce. You can have a really deep back face.

That's sort of width.

This is width, the depth of it.

You like that?

I like-- this is more of a shallow-- This is what I do. There's about 10 or 12 millimeters, but it's still rounded. If you look real closely--

Is depth, stay in the ground longer? Thin, out of the ground quicker?

It's that for me, if you have a really, really deep sole or back edge, it will bounce out quicker. But it depends on the steepness of it. And the cool thing for me is this is what the-- I forgot the name of it, but it's a rounded 10 degree bounce. So no matter how much I back press my hands, I'll have the same exact bounce until I open it all the way up and get to the heel, which, when it's like this, which goes to about six, six to eight. But when I get to just a little bit open, into standard, it's 10 all the way.

But when I get to there, I shave a little bit off this heel relief. And I get to about six or eight. So that way if I need to add spin to a really crazy shot and really tight lie, I can open it up, hit a flop shot.

And I know it's not going to bounce out. It's going to go right underneath. It's not going to dig either. It's going to have just the right amount.