Chris Stroud - Level & Rotate

Chris Stroud discusses how he takes the putter back and through in the stroke. He will think "level and rotate", like a hinge of a door to produce consistency in his putting.

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I have a very simple thought while I'm stroking the putt. I tried years, like the Freddy Couple no thought thing. That does not work for me. My conscious mind has too much going on.

He does it naturally.

I don't have to-- I don't know how he does it. He's unbelievable, because I can't do it. But I've tried it, and what I've learned is I need something to keep my conscious mind busy. So I just have a one or two little putting thoughts, stroke thoughts.

Like just?

It's just level and rotate.


Level and rotate. So for me, sometimes I'll lift the putter and hover. Sometimes I won't. That doesn't matter. What matters for me, level to the ground with the putting head, and rotate the head.

It's like low?

It's like staying low to low.


But for me, it's level. It's just simpler words. I tried low to low, and it's just too much. Level and rotate, and it even--

And rotate means slower, but it's just going down through.

Rotate for me, is just a little bit of rotation with the face. What I learned for the years, if I try to keep it--

Straight straight.

Straight straight, my body moves. But if I did a little rotation, I work like a hinge of a door. I'm really still and the door just swings.

Just a little bit. And is this putter?

That's face balanced.

Face balanced, yes.

So if I have a putter that's not face balanced, that swings-- and I did--

It'd be too much.

It'd be too much. So then I almost have to go back to the other way.

We learn this, we learn this.

We've all learned these things.

Well that's good for us.

That's right.

What's good for them? You know, it's important to know all these little intricacies here.

That's right. Like if a guy didn't have a face balanced putter, and he thought about level and rotate like me, he may be swinging it too much. He may need to go to a face balance, and think level and rotate. Because it's a square face, so it's not going to rotate much at all.

No such thing as having too much info.

Well said.