Chris Stroud - Pressure & Commitment

Chris Stroud discusses how he handles a pressure putt, from making the cut to winning a tournament. He explains his process he goes through to minimize any mental obstacle.


We ask all of our players, we were faced with a putt that we get all day long as a tour player. And for that matter, every other person who plays golf has to eventually make these tough putts. Some are harder than others. For example, making one for a bogey to save a double bogey, making one to win the tournament, making one to make it into the weekend, in our business, you're going to face these all day long.

All the time, and the most important part, I think of all good rounds, are--



Pressure, what do you do under pressure?

There's a lot of great answers there. But I think the number one thing is, try to make it the same. So all these putts that we've all made in our career, what I mean by is, strip it down, go back to what you've always done the best. Stick to your routine. Take a deep breath if you have to.

What's the most important thing? People probably don't talk about this, but technically, the most important thing is making sure that putter's square at impact. A lot of people don't think about that. But keeping everything the same, making sure your setups-- at the end of the day, for me, I'm going to be able to sleep at night if I know if I committed mentally to the putt.

What does committing mentally mean to you?

What that means to me is, I committed to my routine. I committed to my target in my mind. So right before I hit the putt, I have a target. It could be on line, it could be part of a hole. It's going to be some part of some part of my target. Sometimes, the target's the entire line.

So you might have used a plug marker on one hole, but the next one, it might be something up a bit further. So it doesn't have to be the--

That's right, it doesn't have to be the same. And it's just a target in my mind that I have to commit to while I am stroking the putt. If I can commit to that, nothing else matters to me.